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Friday, March 8, 2013

Get AWESOME Office Gifts and Gag Gifts for Spring!

Get your game on with!

March Madness is coming up along with St Patrick's Day, Easter, and my favorite.... April Fools Day!!
I've found the coolest place to buy gag gifts and funny office supplies!
The site is called 'Office Playground' and I just LOVE their products!
Right now you can get LOTS of their products for 50% OFF!!!!

Office Toys - Office Playground

I'm totally IN-LOVE with this one Stress Ball called the Splat Ball! I can't help but laugh my butt off everytime I watch it wiggle! Take a look for yourself!!


To Check out some of the other cool things you can buy at Office Playground...

These Crayon Erasers are only $0.19!!!!
Click HERE to snag some!

My daughters LOVE the Puzzle Erasers and that baby chick and bunny would be great for the Easter baskets.


Office Toys - Office Playground


  1. They are so cute - in love with the rubbers, I used to collect them as a kid, would always have tons in my pencil case at school. xx

    1. Me too! I still have some of the erasers I collected as a kid :-) I've gave a few to my daughters but I can't part with them all just yet :-)


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