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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quick Easy Dipping Sauce

Need a new dipping sauce for your nuggets and fries?

How about trying a mixture of Ranch Dressing a Ketchup.....
I know it may sound gross but it really isn't and is very cheep!
Almost everyone has Ranch Dressing and Ketchup in their fridge!
My daughters LOVE it!

Just put some ranch dressing in a small cup and add some ketchup. Mix well and serve!

You don't have to show your family whats in the dip, just make it and serve it to them! Than may sound sneaky but picky eaters won't eat things that look odd or nasty
I promise they will enjoy every last drop! 

My kids do every time and my youngest is VERY picky (She gets it from me!)


  1. Ohhh I shall have to give it a try, it does sound odd but hey never say never right! x

    1. I wasn't sure about it myself when I decided to mix the 2 dressings together but I figured it was worth a try and my daughters LOVED it and asked for more. They were very surprised when they realized what it was made out of though lol. We eat it all the time now! You really should try it! Let me know if you liked it or not :-)


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