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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Saffron Road Giveaway!

This review/giveaway is hosted by The Momma And Boys!

I was given the opportunity to review Saffron Road Simmer Sauces.

 The simmer sauces were Rogan Josh, Tikka Masala, Lemongrass Basil, and Moroccan Tagine.

Each simmer sauce was amazing.  It also comes in handy on nights we have basketball or tae kwon do.  I can make sure I cook my family a fast, but healthier meal on those busy nights.  I also loved the fact these are gluten free products!  With sports nights, which is 5 out of the 7 days of the week we find time not being on our side.  Sometimes dinner has to be made and brought with us.  With Saffron Road simmer sauces I was able to make dinner and we still had time to actually sit down and eat before heading out the door.  My families favorite was the Rogan Josh.

As you can see I made something quick and simple before Tae Kwon Do and can bring with me for the children to eat.  The 3 Momma's boys are very picky eaters and when I served this they ate it all up.  All I had to do was cube up some chicken, cook it in a pain with a little olive oil, and when the chicken was fully cooked I added the simmer sauce.  I made sure the simmer sauce was fully heated before serving it over rice. 

Enter the Giveaway below to WIN One 4-Pack of Saffron Road Simmer Sauce!!
You won't be disappointed with the taste... I promise :-)


Disclaimer: The Momma And Boys has received the product as a gift to do a review and giveaway and all opinions are from The Momma And Boys! The Momma And Boys and My Kind Of Introduction is not responsible for shipping of the product.

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