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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's Emily Maynard been up to this year?

Who doesn't know who Emily Maynard is? She became everyone's favorite sweetheart on Season 15 of the Bachelor with Brad and We all fell inlove not long after she was announced as 2012's New Bachelorette.

After a season full of kisses, drama and thornless roses.... Emily found love with Jef Holm. So many people thought it was going to be Sean and Arie standing up there as the final two. Not many believed it would be Jef and Arie. Who would of thought classy Emily would fall inlove with skateboarder Jef with 1 "F".

I personally was happy with Emily's choice as her final 2 men. I always thought that Sean was to perfect, something had to be wrong with him. (I guess he proved me wrong with this past season on The Bachelor) I could see the chemistry between Emily and Jef but I have always been an Arie fan. I was almost 100% convinced that she was going to end up with him but once again... I was wrong. I seem to be good at predicting whats going to happen in movies and shows but I guess you never know what's going to happen on Reality TV.

Apparently the love between Emily Maynard and Jef Holm wasn't strong enough to withstand the strength of time like she wanted. They split ways in January 2012 (Watch the video below for more details about Emily and Jef's break-up)

It's been a year since Emily started her journey on The Bachelorette and now she has decided to start a Blog! 

Emily Maynard has always been very open when talking about her favorite brands and styles so now she will be bragging about what she does and does not like along with blogging about parenting, Style/Fashion and pretty much anything that goes on in her life.

She has a Question section where you can ask Emily anything and she will do her best to answer it to the best of her knowledge! That's my favorite part!

I keeping my fingers crossed that Emily will get tired of the dating thing and call up Arie!
They were great together and I would LOVE to see them dating.
They could atleast be friends and hang out sometimes!

Would you like to see Emily back with Arie or Jef?

If you would like to follow Emily Maynard, you can find her blog at

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