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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easy Marbleized Easter Eggs

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I'm sure everyone has already dyed Easter eggs this year and I've been a bit behind on all things Easter and I'm terribly sorry for that. Things have been a big hectic and my brain hasn't been working very well.

Yesterday my daughters and I dyed Easter Eggs and had a BLAST!!!

We "dyed" our eggs 2 different ways.
We painted them with a 40k Gold Egg painting kit that I bought at BiLo's last year and never used.
We also Marbleized a couple of our eggs aswell. I marbleized the 1 egg I got to dye and the girls painted their marbleized "paint" and rolled it around a couple times.

I would like to tell you how we made our Marbleized eggs....
Would you believe that it's done with cheap shaving cream??


Cheap Dollar Store Shaving Cream
Food Coloring (The liquid drops not gel)
Tooth pick or small stick to stir
Cookie Sheet or Shallow Container


Put some Cheap white shaving cream in a cooking sheet or shallow bowl/container

Add a couple drops of food coloring over the top of the shaving cream

Using a tooth-pick or small stick to swirl the colors

Roll the cooled off, hard-boiled eggs in the shaving cream
(The colors will stain your hands, you man want to wear gloves)

Let set on a paper plate for 3 - 4 Minutes

Wipe off extra Shaving Cream with a paper towel

Now you have beautiful Marbleized Eggs!

You may need to do it once more to get a darker color.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Easter!!
Enjoy the fun time with your kids while they are little, time flies by so fast!

Did you do any cool things with your Easter Eggs??

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