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Thursday, March 21, 2013

FREE Spring Samples

Every week I get tons of samples for all kinds of products. It's always something different. From spice samples to shampoo.

Now you can too!

Quality Health is offering FREE SAMPLE OFFERS every week during Spring!

FREE Spring Samples! Click Here

I got a cute little ice cream tub full of Strawberry bath goodies for Christmas a couple years ago and now I have turned my tub into my sample tub! It's full of all kinds of cool stuff that I've collect from my mail box! I always know where to go when I want to try something new. I keep it tucked all nice and safe under my bathroom sink.


  1. I am awful at remembering to use samples I must try and get something to keep them all in like this then I might actually remember :) x

  2. I have gone to the Quality Health site so many times and all I get is a page for coupons, which I cannot print.


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