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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Big Thumbs-Up for the RADIUS Kidz Toothbrush - My Review

Have you tried the Radius toothbrush yet?

The RADIUS Kidz toothbrush is for children ages 6 and up. It's a smaller version of the Original RADIUS toothbrush with a thumb grip, angled neck, and oval head for better brushing and massaging of gums. The Kidz Toothbrush is completely BPA free and American Dental Association “accepted” for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque.

I got the opportunity to try out a RADIUS Kidz toothbrush a couple days ago and my daughters couldn't be happier! I'm going to have to buy another one for my left-handed daughter. The shape of the RADIUS Kidz tooth brush really helps getting to all the teeth. The bristles are super soft and apparently you can tell how soft they are when you use it because Jade looked up at me and said "This feels really soft mommy!" Even though Jade is left handed, she was able to use her right hand and brush her teeth with no problem. There's a place for the kids to put their thumb that makes it easier to hold the handle. 

I've NEVER seen my little girls get so excited about brushing their teeth and they're only 5 and 6!
(The tooth brush is for kids ages 6 and up but my youngest daughter will be 6 in just a couple months so I figured it was okay)

They had me open the box in the car so they could see what the toothbrush looked like and I have to say that the package that the toothbrush comes in, is very stylish! It had zebra strips all over it with Hot Pink writing! The girls loved it. They really liked the purple color of the toothbrush. Even the bristles are purple!


Once we got home I let the girls know that they could try out their new toothbrush before bed and they was okay with that. But as soon as bedtime got here, they were ready! 

My girls like to sing and dance, they even sing when they brush their teeth! haha
Watch this video that my daughter asked me to make of her brushing her teeth with her new RADIUS Kidz toothbrush!

You can get the RADIUS Kidz toothbrush in 6 different colors!


Left-handed people including kids, make up only 9% of the population!
Alot of retailers won't stock up on items that cater to such a small group of people.
You can only find the RADIUS toothbrush for lefties in Natural Product stores.
To my disappointment ... RADIUS does NOT make RADIUS Kidz for lefties. Since retailers won't buy and sale the left-handed toothbrushes, it wasn't worth the price of all the equipment including the machines and molds it takes to make a leftie Kidz toothbrush.

I'm glad the handle form is made so that my leftie can use it just fine, maybe your leftie can too!
Photo from the Radius website.

Wondering how RADIUS got their bristles so soft?
They use Tynex nylon. Tynex is silky smooth and absorbs very little water - the ends can be polished to a smooth finish!! How cool is that?

Anyone who is looking for a new toothbrush, really needs to check out RADIUS before they reach for their regular brand. Give RADIUS one chance and I promise you don't be disappointed!
They don't only sale kids toothbrushes, they have something for the whole family!

Click HERE to visit the RADIUS website
Click HERE to visit the RADIUS Facebook Page
Click HERE to visit the RADIUS blog

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  1. Thanks for the review. I may have to get my daughter one of these as she has some issues with gripping items sometimes. :)

    1. Your very welcome :-) I'm sure it would be great for her. Like I said, my youngest is left handed and it fit in her hand perfectly, both girls were able to grip and use the toothbrush very easily. I'm sure your daughter would enjoy the shape and fun of it also!

  2. That looks like a great toothbrush! We might have to try it because our kids need better toothbrushes!

    1. My daughters are still using their Radius toothbrush and it's in great shape! I'm even thinking about buying them new one for Christmas :)

  3. What an ingenious idea! I love this! I am going to recommend this product to my patients (kiddos) that are lefties and having trouble with oral sensory defensiveness and gripping! What a GREAT product!!!

    1. I'm glad I could help! This really is a wonderful product. I couldn't ask for a better toothbrush for my girls!


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