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Monday, March 25, 2013

"All About Daddy" -- My DaddyScrubs Review

When it comes to new babies, daddy's seem to be left out of most of the excitement. They may get a few congratulations here and there but for the most part, the women are the ones who get 90% of the new baby attention. Being a mom of 2, I remember the baby showers and excitement that everyone was showing toward me but not much of that attention was being thrown toward my fiance. My family would joke around about how this baby was going to be crazy because it was a mix of him and myself and things like that but never once did he get a daddy to be gift like all the baby presents I received at my many baby showers. (My parents are divorced so I had  2 showers for each baby along with gifts waiting on me in Lenoir, NC from my fiance's family)

While I was pregnant with my first daughter, both of my mom's sisters also became pregnant with their first child. The 3 of us were the stars of the family... All pregnant with baby girls and all due just months apart! The baby showers came and gone and the only attention the daddy's got were being told to carry the gifts to the car and then carry them into our house.
At that time, I didn't realize that my fiance wasn't getting any 'new baby attention'. Looking back, I realize now that most of the attention was aimed toward me. The same thing with my second child. Most of the attention was toward me, but once again, I didn't notice a thing.

I didn't start realizing the lack of attention fathers get when a new baby comes along until this past year. I would be searching the web and see all kinds of posts and ads for expecting moms and started thinking... What about expecting dads?

So I did some research and realized that they are not many retailers that cater to new dads. You can always find websites, stores, groups etc for new moms but nothing for the fathers.... Until now!

I found a wonderful site called DaddyScrubs, a company that caters to new dads in many different ways with lots of new dad gifts. The founder of DaddyScrubs wanted to be included in the birth of his child and since everyone else in the delivery room were going to have their own special outfit.... he wanted one too! Watch this video to see why Robert Nickell started DaddyScrubs.

If your looking for unique expectant father gifts then DaddyScrubs is the place for you!

At DaddyScrubs you can find all kinds of cool stuff like books about 'daddy and me', Daddy gift sets, The Daddy Diaper Box, mugs and much more! Many celebrity's have worn DaddyScrubs on their special day along with wearing the shirts, hats and hoodies for all their friends to see how proud they are to be a daddy!

Their trademark is, of course... DaddyScrubs!

The DaddyScrubs are doctor like scrubs that daddy's to be can wear on the big day! This is the perfect gift for any expectant dad new or experienced.

I got the chance to review a set of DaddyScrubs and since my fiance didn't get the 'New Daddy' Attention that he should of gotten when I was pregnant, I gave the set of DaddyScrubs to him. The scrubs come in Navy, Green and Khaki. I chose Edgy Green in a size medium. It didn't take long before the DaddyScrubs were send to me.

I was very excited to see my DaddyScrubs package arrive at my door on my fiance's birthday!!!  He wasn't home when they arrived so I was able to surprise him with his new pair of DaddyScrubs as soon as he walked in the door. His face lit up when I handed him the package, then he headed to the room to try them on.
On the back of the shirt, in big white letters says "I'm the Daddy!" What better way to show support and love for your kids then to tell the world that your a dad and proud of it?

Our family likes to be comfy, I'm more of a Jammie, Yoga pants, flowy dress wearing type of girl and my fiance likes his comfy clothes aswell. I was not surprised at all when Alan wore his DaddyScrubs for the rest of the day. We had a cookout for his birthday and a couple of close friends came over. Alan got a few compliments about his DaddyScrubs and everyone enjoyed them. Our little girls loved them the most!

Once the night was over, I asked him how the scrubs felt on him and if he liked them or not. Alan had never worn scrubs before so he wasn't sure what to expect when he first put them on but they were much better than he expected. He said that they were very comfy and not stiff like he thought scrubs felt like. We are truly happy with Alan's new DaddyScrubs and he ended up sleeping in them that night. Alan has actually slept in his DaddyScrubs a few times and wears them around the house and when he's out and about.

He loves his new DaddyScrubs. I would of really liked to of had these when our daughters were born! Maybe someday down the road..... Years from now, we may decided to have another baby and he will get to wear his DaddyScrubs at the hospital. But I don't plan on that ANY TIME SOON! :-)

Now we're just waiting on DaddyScrubs to come out with some Red or Black scrubs!
I also have 2 baby showers coming up... I need to do some shopping!
DaddyScrubs Here I come!!

You can buy DaddyScrubs on their website along with all kinds of other really cool daddy to be gifts. Click HERE to take a look around.

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  1. What a cool idea to help make the New Daddy feel more 'part' of it all.

    My other half has a pair of scrubs and he wears them as Pyjamas as apparently they are very comfortable lol xx

  2. Those are really awesome! A great way to involve the daddy! Great review!

  3. How cool, I would have loved these the first couple times around. Maybe next time :)

  4. I love DaddyScrubs, the concept is great! Making sure all Dad's are it

  5. Thank you ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed it! My fiance LOVES his DaddyScrubs and he says they are very comfy pajamas!

  6. I love this idea. Really cool for all the dads.


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