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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ducks in a Row - Flashback Photo Opp

#Flashback #PhotoOpp

"Ducks in a Row"

Since I've been without one of my all time favorite electronics... my camera aka my baby, and have been stuck to using my phone camera on everything... I decided to share a few photos from my past. This past month has been the first time in over 5 years that I've been without a working camera (I'm so thankful for my smartphone camera but no phone photo will EVER compare to the crisp, detailed shots that I'm able to capture with an actual camera) I've had to put my serious photography on hold until I'm able to get myself another good camera. I'm lost without my camera and I'm hoping that sharing some of my best photos will make me feel alittle better!

Back in 2010, I was riding down the back roads of Candler, NC with my mama. I had my camera with me (like always) and out of nowhere, I saw a family of ducks walking on the side of the road! I quickly convinced my mama to pull over so I could take a few pictures of the ducks. I believe it had been raining pretty hard in the days and/or hours, I'm not 100% sure about the rain but the creek in the photos is very high and dark and look almost flooded! I was able to snap 3 photos of the duck family and I have to say that my favorite shot is the one I named "Ducks in a Row". I shared this photo in my Shapes in Nature activity post and decided to share the rest of the collection. I hope you enjoy my Duck Photos.
I'm hoping to get more new Nature Photography soon but I will continue sharing my older photos through out the next few weeks.

Comment all you like! I would LOVE to hear your feedback on my photography!

"Ducks in a Row" - Thru My Eyes Photography
Daddy Duck joining the family to take a peek at the creek
Moving on to a better place to call home

Nature is such a beautiful thing! I don't get out into nature as much as I like but I'm hoping to change that very soon! I've got big plans with my daughters and Nature is a big part of out Summer outings!

(I hope to get a new camera soon, I'm feeling really down without my baby!!)

My photography sites haven't been updated in a few months but I plan on working on them all very soon!
-- Keep your eyes peeled for updates on my "new camera mission" as well as Photography page updates! --

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  1. I love pictures of nature. That looks like a really good day out.

    Following you back in Google+

    See you around.

    1. Thanks! Nature and Kids are my top 2 favorite things to photograph! (other than for product reviews of course)

      Thanks for the visit, Follow and Comment! :-D

  2. Love that. I once took a picture of a little family of ducks and the mama came after me. I think I got WAY too close! haha!

    1. lol I bet it was pretty funny once you got away from the mad mama!! I've seen ducks chase a couple kids that I use to know at a local lake a few years ago, I've never laughed so hard!! Those little girls were trying their best to catch a duck but those ducks had other plans! haha

  3. What great timing that you came across them. Great pictures!

  4. Love these! The first one is my favorite! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Great pictures - so cute! Hoping you get a new 'baby' soon!

    1. Thanks hun! I hope I get a new baby soon too :( I'm really missing my good pictures but my phone is serving it's purpose for the time being. Fingers Crossed :-D

  6. Beautiful! I hope you get a new camera soon!

  7. Great pics! I love baby ducks! I saw a few snuggling against a bunny the other day. <3

    Where the ducks running away from you?

    1. Thanks! I bet those baby ducks and the bunny was simply adorable, I would of loved to of seen it! The day I got these shots was the only time I've seen baby ducks out in the open, so close to the road, like they were!

      It's been few years but I do remember that the ducks acted like I wasn't even there. My mama had her car pulled over on the side of the road and I'm pretty sure that I didn't even have to get out of the car, I was able to catch these shots through the window! I believe they got rained or flooded out of their nest and was trying to find a safe way back into the river, the creeks and rivers flood alot around here, during and after big storms.


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