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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Removing Clutter the Feng Shui Way

Clutter should really be avoided if you are looking to make your house a comfortable and inviting place to be. We all collect and gather things that we do not need. My mamaw can not turn down something that is cheep or free and her house is always full of things that she don't need. My little cousin, who lives with my mamaw, has so many toys and clothes that she can't even wear or play with half of them. My clutter problem is more of a "Not wanting to throw something away" problem. I like keeping things that bring back memories. For example: Art work that my daughters have drawn me through out the years and Sketch Books that I've had since 9th grade and notebooks that I've had even longer! They are memories to me and I don't want to let them go. But they make my house cluttered, along with LOTS more junk that lays around my home. If you believe in Feng Shui, then a cluttered house is a BIG no no! With Feng Shui, you break your house up into 8 areas. To do this, you use a Pa-Kua like the one below.

If your house is not square (most houses are not), you will need to stretch the pa-kua over your house.
Clutter in the eight area's of the pa-kua can create problems and stress.
Feng Shui states that if the Wealth are of your home is cluttered then you will experience negative feelings and run into trouble with your money. Money will be hard to come by as long as the clutter stays in your home. (This may be where my money problems come from.... I need to investigate!)
If you would like to be popular in your neighbor hood and meet new people and friends ten make sure that the Fame area in your home is free of clutter. A cluttered Fame area us said to cause doubts and confusion about your standing in your community.
Marriage is a big one! Relationship problems of lack of relationships can be helped if you remove clutter the Marriage area of your home. If your relationships are failing... declutter!
If your family can't seem to get time to do anything together r you seem to be having lots of family disagreements then check out the Family area of your home. Clutter in this area may cause family members t do things on their own and not as a family as well as cause tension in the family relationships.
The Children's area is pretty important as well. Clutter in the children area created worry and uncertainty. It can mess up the communication between the kids and the parents. If your kids are prone to acting up and not listening to you then you may need to keep an eye on what goes on in the Children area of your home.
Clutter in the Knowledge are makes it very hard to learn new things. It can also make it hard to remember what you have already learned.
If you are uncertain about your job then head on over to the Career area. Cleaning up your Career area can give you more of an open mind about your current job or help you find a new one that you will enjoy.
Clutter in the Mentors area will make it hard to attract the right people to you. You will either find it hard to attract anyone or find yourself attracting the wrong people over and over until the clutter is removed.

You don't have to throw out everything that your not using in your house. Removing clutter can be done by organizing! Get yourself a few of those cute little storage bins or make your own. Throw out the trash, donate the unwanted and organize your treasures.

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