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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free Blogger Opp! ~ A Cloth Diaper Starter Set Giveaway!

Be a part of the
"A Cloth Diaper Starter Set Giveaway!"

Hosted By: My Four Littles

Sponsored By: Natural Littles LLC

Coming soon to My Kind Of Introduction!

A Cloth Diaper Starter Set Giveaway

Diapers, Wet Bag, and Cloth Friendly Detergent from Natural Littles LLC!

You get Two Free Links with announcement post.

You can either write your own announcement post or use the text HERE.

$2 for Additional Links (up to 2)

$4 for Daily Vote/Comment Links

$10 for Cohost

(Up to 5 Links on Your Own Host Page)

(You Will Make the RC Form and Pick the Links)

(Back Link in the HTML)


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