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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coloring with Lil' Creepers - Review & Giveaway

#Sponsored Review By +Lil' Creepers Shawna Carter 

"Every-one is good at atleast 1 thing!
Quote by Shawna Carter via Lil' Creepers

How many Zombies do you know? I bet you have at least one friend who's waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse! Am I right? What about Bats, Vampires, Werewolf and all those other Creepy Monsters? Has your addiction (or your friend's addiction) worn off on the kids? If you have kids that are Monster Fans then they are sure to LOVE the Lil' Creepers! With the Lil' Creepers, you get to follow the adventures of a little Zombie named Brenna. Brenna cooks, colors, plays with her friends and much more! These adorable monsters are "creepy" enough for the Pre-Teens and Cute enough for the Pre-School/Elementary Age kids!

When the opportunity arose to work with Shawna Carter, the author/creator of Lil' Creepers, I jumped at the chance to introduce my daughters to Brenna and all of her Lil' Creeper friends! I don't often tell my girls about the upcoming reviews that I have planned until the product shows up because I LOVE the look on their little faces when they carry a package into the house and quickly realize that it's for them! That's excatly what happened when the Coloring Book from Lil' Creepers showed up! Loran and Jade checked the mail and brought me a large brown envlope and just stood there in front of me.... Waiting on me to open the package. It's become some sort of a game for them:
Jade and Loran bring in the mail/packges
Hand the packages to me
Almost "Demand" for them to be opened
Either Stand infront of me or Sit beside me to watch the opening process
Take a good look at the contents of the package
If it's a Kid Product then I get to see the Excited - Surprised Look on 2 beautiful little faces
If it's an Adult Product, they try and guess what I will use it for
Either run and play with their new item or continue doing before the mail showed up.

Our package routine is quite fun and seeing the girls search the house for a box of crayons that I knew was in the bathroom, was very entertaining. (Don't ask why the crayon box was in the bathroom, I'm still wondering about that one myself. When I asked Loran, she laughed in my face and walked off!! No joke!) I finally retrieved the Crayon Box for the girls and they headed straight to their bed to stretch out and color! Loran said that she loves the "Creepy Monster Characters" while Jade mentioned that she likes the bat picture that her sister colored. She said that what she loves most about her new Lil' Creepers Coloring Book is all of the cool coloring pages for them to color. Jade also enjoys the fact that the pictures are drawn and not the perfect computer-made lines!

I also love the drawn pages! (My friends and I steal the coloring book after the girls go to sleep and color a few pages!! I know I know it may sound mean but Jade and Loran enjoy finding our pages when they flip through their book!) Shawna is a WONDERFUL artist, I bet her daughter is one proud little girl! (Shawna's Lil' Creepers Series are based on her young daughter named Brenna) I love how every illustration that's affiliated with Lil' Creepers are pieces of art! If you visit the Lil' Creepers Website, you'll see exactly what I mean when I say that Shawna Carter is an outstanding artist! I can draw but nowhere near as good as this girl! Each coloring page in the Lil' Creepers Coloring Book is unique and different! You get to meet Brenna and all of her friends through simple but detailed coloring pages pages, not to mention the brightly colored book cover! I bet your kids will keep up with this coloring book for atleast 1 week longer than normal! :) Jade and Loran are still coloring in their new coloring book and find a new details that they didn't notice before! 

Make sure you also check out Shawna's Kids Cookbook called "Cooking with Creepers" - A friend of mine did a review for "Cooking with Creepers" and her little ones loved it just as much as my girls enjoyed the Lil' Creepers Coloring Book!! That tells me that Lil' Creepers are a BIG HIT with little ones!

Who don't like Adorable Creepy Monsters?!?!?!

If you would like to learn more about Shawna and the Lil' Creepers Collection:
Lil' Creepers are also on Facebook and Twitter

Shawna was so kind that she not only sent my girls and I a Lil' Creepers Coloring Book for review, She also sent another Coloring Book to use as a Giveaway on the blog!!
You know what that means... right?!
You all get the wonderful chance to WIN your very own Lil' Creepers Coloring Book!!!

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Runs from August 28 12pm EST - September 11 at 11:59pm EST

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Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. I like that it has coloring pages, and that you can link with Amazon to buy older issues of the book, I like that ac hilds art work can be submitted and displayed on the site. I like the drawings they are cute but not too scary.

    1. I agree with every bit! I'm thinking about submitting my daughters artwork to the site soon :) They would be so excited :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by this week. Just tweeted your event!!

  3. I love the pictures! Our kids would have a blast with that coloring book!

    1. The creative coloring pictures are our favorite! :) I've never seen anything else quiet like Lil' Creepers!

  4. What a great website! Very simple and kid oriented.

  5. My son thinks the website is so cool!

  6. my son and I both love the illustrations on the website!

  7. WE LOVE the drawings!

  8. I really like how creative and imaginative the drawings are.


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