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Thursday, August 8, 2013

REVIEW: A Full Year of Washing Clothes with a Robby Wash Ball!

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When you have a family of 5 the laundry can feel like it's a never ending job, well it kind of is. The price of detergent adds up as well and we end up spending about $50 a month, if not more, on detergent, bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets and whatever else we decide to buy for our clothes. Trying to live on a budget, making sure everyone in the family had what they needed as well as all the household items...
We're not doing very well. I need some budget lessons!!

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Then I found the Robby Wash Ball on the Oransi Website, a detergent ball with no chlorine, no phosphate and lasts 12 months. That's right, 12 months of washing clothes and simply tossing a ball into the washing machine each time you fill it up! I bet your wondering... How can a ball wash my clothes for an entire year? The Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball is about the size of a baseball and has a cage like shell. Inside the shell is lots of little detergent balls. The Fuchsia Ball is for Cold Water/Dark Colored Clothes. (The Blue Robby Wash Ball is for all water temps.) Along with the contents inside the Robby Wash Ball, I also received 3 more packs of detergent balls (add the new packets after 6 months) as well as a stain stick! The stain stick has really come in handy since my daughters like to play in mud and cook up all kinds of dirty creations! Like I mentioned... my family can dirty up alot of clothes, quick! Doing laundry is much easier now because I don't have to worry about running out of detergent and not having enough to wash an important load of much needed clothes! Being able to toss in the Wash Ball has done much more than simplify my washing time, our clothes smell wonderful as well! My fiance didn't expect the clothes to smell nice because he'd never heard of the Robby Wash Ball and couldn't figure out how the detergent and scent could last so long and still come off on the clothes! He's a believer now and loves it when I use the Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball. Our daughters do too! They are quiet amused that they can throw a ball into the washing machine and help mommy do the clothes! 

All in all - My family loves the Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball! Every large family can benefit from the convenience of tossing a ball into the washer! We've already started saving money while having the wash ball for just about a month! The stain stick works like a charm and the scent is wonderful, not to mention the cleaning power of the Fuchsia Robby Wash Ball!
I'm overjoyed that I ran across the Robby Wash Ball at the perfect time!

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Could your family benefit from the Robby Wash Ball?


  1. What a great savings each month!

    1. We love it! I haven't bought laundry soap since I received the ball!

  2. What a great concept and great savings! I love Oransi products but haven't tried the Robby Wash Ball yet! I will definitely have to check it out!

  3. We haven't tried the Robby Wash Ball - but we do use a soap-free ball that needs to be replaced soon, so perhaps I'll look to Robby!

    1. The Robby Wash Ball is great! We haven't bought detergent in months and our clothes are cleaner than ever! You really should check it out :)


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