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Friday, August 2, 2013

Funny and Vintage T-Shirts for Teens

funny t shirts

When it comes to teenagers, regular solid colored t-shirts just won't cut it anymore! They demand coolness and I believe I've found the perfect site for Teens and Collage students as well as adults. (My fiance LOVES these shirts!!) It's called Crazy Dog T-shirts and they sale some of the coolest t-shirts that I've ever seen!

If your teen is into the vintage tee's or funny tee's then you have to check this site out!
My favorite shirts have to be the Flip Up Shirts... At first they look like regular t-shirts but when you flip the bottom of the shirts over your head... You become something different! For example: One shirt says "Ask me about my ninja disguise", Once you flip the bottom of the shirt over your face, You end up with a ninja head over your face! The flip up shirts come in many designs including a Zombie, Bear, Pig ("Ask about Bacon"), Pirate and much more! My favorite is "Ask me about my Stache"!!

The Flip Up Shirts are just the beginning! You can find all kinds of shirts with Zombies, Bacon, T-Rex... The list goes on and on and on! You're sure to find the perfect shirts to match your teen or collage students style!

My fiance even enjoys the shirts from Crazy Dog Tshirts!!!
(His favorite is the Ninja Flip Up Shirt!)

Get 20% off of your order at using the coupon code: SHADE 

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