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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

Do you ever struggle with lunch ideas for your kids to take to school with them?
Every school offers lunch for our kids but it's nice to pack them a lunch at times so you know that they're having a healthy meal.

I've searched up and down and come up with a great collection of healthy, fast and easy lunch box ideas and sites that are to make your Back-To-School Mornings a bit less hectic!

Lets Get to Lunchboxin'!

Have you ever heard of
They have all kinds of awesome ideas like Cream Cheese Lettuce Wraps and PB&J Sushi!
Find these ideas and more at Rock The Lunchbox

Keeley Mcguire has some great ideas for School Lunches!
Check out my 3 favorite recipes from the Keeley Mcguire Blog

I also found a Lunchbox Idea List from Wendolonia that has TONS of wonderful ideas! The list includes Carbs/Tummy Fillers, Fruits, Veggies, Proteins and Diary! It's a wonderful resource and would be a great asset to hang up in the kitchen on the refrigerator! You can find a printable PDF file of the whole list!
Find the Lunchbox Idea Lists at Wendolonia

Time to get to packing those lunchboxes! The 1st day of school is on it's way!

Join me during the Back-To-School Blog Party to get ready for those early mornings and late homework nights! Use the hashtag #BackToSchoolBlogParty on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to keep up with all the deals, info and Back-To-School fun! I hope to see you there!


  1. I'm so bad about packing boring stuff. Im going to take some of these ideas for this year!

    1. I'm the same way!! I'm on a mission to get creative this year :) I hoping to be the cool mom of 2013 and not crash and burn in the lunch department lol I'll post some more ideas soon! We're going to need as much as we can get because there's alot of days in a school year! :)


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