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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Walmart Back-To-School Bundles for just $25 USA, LLC

Walmart School Supplies

Did you know that you can purchase a K-3 Bundle online from Walmart for just $25 that includes: 

1 Eastsports Backpack with Lunchpack Combo (Blue or Pink)
1 Pencil
One Glue (Stick or Liquid)
1 Binder
1 Notebook
1 Pack of Erasers
1 Pack of Crayons
1 Pack of Markers

When choosing the contents for your Backpack Bundle, you don't have to stop at the contents above, you can add anything else that your child may need for this upcoming school year. The Bundle price is $25 and includes the items above, the price will go up once you add more supplies but not bad. You can also buy these bundles for any grade, not just K-3, They are available for all grade and come with supplies that are needed for your child's upcoming school year!

I've made a list of the most common school supplies that all schools call for. I've also added the most common price that I've found at
Prices may vary but I've realized that Walmart is the cheapest place to get everything you need and my job for these next few weeks is to bring you the very best of Back-To-School during the #BackToSchoolBlogParty

Happy Shopping!!

Pencils - $2.27 (Pack of 12)
Crayons - $1.97 (24 pack)
Markers - $1.97
Erasers - $1.48
School Glue - $1.77
Glue Stick - $2.68 (4 Pack)
Scissors - $2.25
Backpack - $9 - $20
Colored Pencils - $0.97 (Rollback Price)
Spiral Notebooks - $6 - Pack of 4
Marbled Notebooks - $3.87
TI-15 Calculator - $16.13  

Even get your little ones a Personalized Backpack to make them feel part of the Back-To-School rush!

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