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Monday, August 26, 2013

Get Creative and Spend Less on your next Family Movie Night

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Finding the extra money to take your kids to the movies is getting harder and harder to do these days. Bills pile up and home supplies have to be bought, next thing you know, we're out of spending money and family movie day has to get postponed, or at least changed up a bit to better fit our abilities.

Family Movie Day don't have to be completely canceled when you realize that your budget don't have room for a family's worth of movie tickets and snacks.
Try a few of the idea's below to spice up your next Family Movie Night!

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A Homebound Movie Night -- Choose a family movie that everyone agrees on (Maybe a new movie no one has watch before or check on Netflix) Pop some popcorn, pour drinks, turn the lights down low and have some family time on the couch while watching a family movie!

Acting Out -- With snacks and drinks prepared, have the kids act out different parts of their favorite movies, they can even dress-up like their favorite characters! Be creative with the costumes and don't be afraid to join in on the acts! Mommy needs to have fun too!

Playwrite -- Find one of your child's written stories or have them write a new one. They can act out their own story they way they want to! Don't forget to encourage them to dress the parts!

Lights-Camera-Action -- Video tape your kids acting out their creative stories and watch their mini-movies after the taping is done. If you end up with a collection of your kids' movies, you can have a Family Movie Night where you watch nothing but the movies acted out by your kids! WHAT FUN!!

Do you have any other ideas for cheap Movie Night options for families?


  1. I love the Lights-Camera-Action idea! My son's almost 16 months, but he loves seeing himself in videos and photos. I could probably videotape him doing random funny things, meld it all together in iMovie, and play it all together for us to watch. He'd probably love it!

    1. Awww I'm sure he would LOVE it! I bet you and your son would laugh your way through "His Movie" and it would make a great keepsake movie for when he gets older as well! :)

  2. Great ideas! I will have to check out Dealflicks! That is awesome!

  3. We are a big fan of the Netflix movie night! I haven't heard of Dealflicks, I'll have to look into that!


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