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Monday, August 12, 2013

New Review Grades and Such

I've decided to start grading my reviews on My Kind Of Introduction. The grades will be A, B and C - Like School Grades but nicer because if the product deserves anything under a C then I wouldn't be putting it on my blog. I will only bring you products that I enjoy using or reading and believe that you, my readers, can benefit from and enjoy too! :)

Getting an A is Amazing and Wonderful and everything in between!
Getting a B is Great and this only means that I may have a suggestion or 2
Getting a C is still Great, don't think otherwise! I may have a suggestion or 2 or had a bit of trouble with a small part or some sort but nothing big enough to Not Review the product/service! I still believe your product is an awesome one or it wouldn't be on my blog! No worries! :) No Review that is posted on My Kind Of Introduction belongs to a product that I don't like or disagree with. I ONLY post reviews about products that I believe my readers will enjoy and they will benefit from the product itself or the service!

I'll be using the new grading system with all upcoming reviews, starting now. Within the next couple months - I will be going back through my past reviews and grading them as well. This will allow you to know which products are favorites of my family. Once things get going, I'll be making a page that will help you search by grade and not product name like you can on the Product & Book Review page

  • I also want to mention that I am in the process of purchasing a domain. My blog link don't match my blog name because when I created this blog I got ahead of myself and mixed things up a bit and once I figured it out... it was too late. Once I start switching things over, my blog may start looking different. I will let everyone know when this time comes along so all of my readers will know what's going on. I won't leave you hanging. It can be anywhere from this month to December! I know that's a long time frame and it really shouldn't take that long but since I've been meaning to get the domain for a few months already... I don't want to set my date to close because life don't always line up with my plans and I know better than to fight the plans and struggles that life throws at me. I've learned my lesson :) Anyways -- I will let you know when I everything is about to begin and give you more details then. I hope everything goes smoothly!

  • I bet some of you have been wondering about our Facebook Fan Page's name being The Realm of Freebies, Deals and Fun - Well... Let me explain - I'm a faerie fanatic and before I started doing Reviews, I was also a freebie fanatic, so I named the Facebook page The Realm of Freebies, Deals and Fun to include all of my interests that I would be posting on my blog and Facebook page. And even though I do alot more reviews then I do searching for freebies these days, the name still fits. Reviews are super fun for my family and I and then you (my readers) get the joy of finding new products, good deals, or giveaway. I haven't completely stopped finding freebies though, I post them every now and then, along with lots of good deals from all kinds of stores, business/brands and attractions! So my Facebook name still fits and I've been adding the faerie theme throughout the blog and will be combining it all once I get the domain ordeal completed. My Kind of Introduction will always be the blog name and I love it! I hope you do too! This blog is My Introduction into the blog world and it is My Readers' Introduction into my life, new products and all kinds of other wonderful topics :)

My Kind Of Introduction in The Realm of Freebies, Deals, and Fun -- Where YOU are Important and Where Information and  Support can be found!!

(This has nothing to do with the #BackToSchoolBlogParty but it does seem like the Back-To-School Season has been on my mind alot since I have 2 little girls to shop and prepare for!) 

Do you have any questions about any of the information that I've mentioned above?
If so, please feel free to comment below or email me at
I would to hear your input and I'll keep you all updated!

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