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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The October Pin-Up Faerie

It's October!!!
The season of falling leaves and changing colors!

Not only do I share a name with the "Autumn Season" but my birthday just passed as well! What can I say... I'm a Fall Baby! And YES I believe in faeries! Right now in the Realm of Fae, all kinds of different faeries are getting ready for the fall season! Some are ready to paint the changing colors while others may be creeping through the night, waiting for the perfect mortal to scare! 
I know, I sound insane but I'm a big fantasy believer and nothing can change that... I've got a creative brain!

Guess What!?
I'm CRAZY for the October Pin-Up Faerie from Kiri Leonard's Collection!
Take a look for yourself!

Photo Artist - Kiri Leonard

I got an idea!!!
I'm going to create my own Faeries! They won't be as pretty or detailed as Kiri's but I believe the thought process behind the idea will make up for them not being so professional-like!
Sorry for being so vague but I believe my faeries are best kept as a surprise for now :)
Don't you just love the random thought process? Great ideas can be born in a matter of seconds!!
I'll let you know when my faeries are complete, they're going to be super special. I promise!

Continue to Fly Free in the Magical Realm of Fae!
Best Wishes,
Autumn B

I haven't posted the whole collection of Monthly Pin-Up Faeries from Kiri Leonard yet, I've missed LOTS of months but I the link to July is below if your interested in seeing another faerie month :) I'll start keeping up with the Faerie Months better from now on, their too wonderful to forget about!
(These Faerie Pin-Up Art Pieces are outstanding)

Faeries in July - July Pin-Up Faerie

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