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Monday, October 14, 2013

Changing the world, One girl at a time with Fortune Girls!

#Sponsored By Fortune Girls

Who's got Girl Power? We've got Girl Power!!!!

If your a parent to young girls, like myself, then you understand the pressure on our shoulders of raising a strong girl who will be able to handle this crazy world that we live in today. It's a tough world out there and it's only get tougher!

It seems like each time the news comes on, someone is dying, being abused or in alot of trouble. Negativity is everywhere and it's easy to get caught up in it all and not be able to see the good in this world. That's why it's so important for us, as parents, to make sure our kids grow up to be the best versions of themselves. We can't allow our daughters to grow thinking that they are weak and that their voice can't be heard. It's our job to teach these girls that they can do anything, no matter how big their dreams may grow.

Fortune Girls is all about Girl Power!
Their goal is to empower girls to be all they can be!

"If you dream BIG then you can get BIG things done!"
They focused on encouraging girls all over the world in believing that they can do anything! Created by a young tween named Madison Ruiz and her mom, Fortune Girls is movement that's spreading like wildfire! Reminding girls everywhere that they are special and unique and have the world in the palm of their hands.

Growing up as a young girl, we can run into some challenging situations and not know how to overcome them or which choices we should be making. Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I have to mention that women are being victimized on a daily basis and if we teach our daughters how to not become a victim and what to do if they find themselves, or someone they love, in that position, we can change the world through our kids. Fortune Girls is a movement who's doing just that... Changing the world, One girl at a time!

Watch the video below to learn how Madison and her mom came up with the idea of Fortune Girls and they're all about!

Visit Fortune Girls online to introduce your girls to the road to empowerment or view more similar videos like the one above on YouTube.
You can also find Fortune Girls on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


  1. I've got a little girl (3 1/2) myself. I just hope I can raise her with the right balance of values and strength. She's definitely got a mind of her own though!

    1. My daughters do as well. It may be a crazy world that we live in but I'm sure all of our girls will grow up just fine :) It just takes lots of love and many "Did you really just do/say that!!"s hahahaha :D


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