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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Little Passports USA Edition - Month 2 Review

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Remember me talking about receiving Month 1 of our Little Passports USA Edition?

Month 2 showed up in the mail a few weeks ago and the excitement was outstanding! When we got the chance to open the package, the girls couldn't wait to see what kind of goodies was hiding inside but we needed one more thing before opening.... Jade and Loran's USA Field Guide and the neat storage folder that came with Month 1.

Inside the Month 2 package, we found Sofia and Sam's field journal for the states of New Mexico and Michigan among all kinds of other fun stuff. The book is pretty awesome! On one side it's New Mexico and then you FLIP it, as in: holding the book in front of you and flipping it from the bottom up.... Upside down and backwards, and there you have Michigan!! The girls thought it was the coolest thing ever and truthfully, so did I :) I loved how the very first page, with both states, is a letter from Sofia and Sam explaining all of the things they did while on their trip. Within the field guide there are many learning activities, games and even a recipe. We even found a couple project ideas with neat facts that were spread out among the directions! (We're planning on making a Hot Air Balloon soon!)
Little Passports truly knows how to make learning fun! Along with the field guide book, we also found stickers that go in Loran and Jade's field guide as well as little thumb-tack stickers to add to the map, on Michigan and New Mexico! I believe those tiny stickers were one of Loran's favorite parts!! The girls also received a post card from each state and 2 paper models that we've been afraid to start :) Actually they are really awesome and the Bat seems like it will be pretty easy but the car... looks harder! I know I know! It's a paper car model from a KIDS Subscription package... it can't be THAT hard, right? Well, that may be true but I'm one of those people who would get upset in a sad and crying way if something went wrong during the building process that couldn't be fixed and ruins the car....... I'm a pitiful pitiful girl... I know, I know, but I can't bare the thought of me messing up something of the girls'..... So I'm letting Alan help Jade and Loran with their car. His next day off sounds perfect!
(If something goes wrong... there's always tape, right?)

Loran and Jade can't wait for their next Little Passports package! Month 1 and 2 have been so neat and fun! Way more that we expected. The girls play with the maps all the time are just about done with their Photo Scavenger Hunt. (We only have a couple more pictures to take and then it's off to the photo lab we go, we keep forgetting about the camera!) Jade is my little Photo Princess, she's had an addiction to photography for a few years now and has gotten pretty good and Loran is just as good with a camera as her sister, so I can't wait to get the photos developed! And best of all... Everything from Month 1 and Month 2 fits in the storage folder and has plenty room for more months!! No worries about loosing your goodies!

Little Passports is the perfect way to keep kids learning and having fun while at home, on the road, during the weekend or even on a plane or vacation!
The girls have always been curious about other places and ask lots of questions, Little Passports has given them something that Fact-Books and Google Searches can't.... Fun and exciting entertainment that cloaks the learning aspect and helps kids enjoy education! It's simply amazing and deserves nothing less than receiving the biggest A+ that's available to be given!
We LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Passports!


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  1. I have been wanting so badly to do these with the kids. I absolutely love the concept and it would really add to some of our homeschooling units. Thanks for reminding me to take a look, especially since it is getting so close to the holidays!

    1. Your very welcome! We love Little Passports! We don't home-school but I've heard from mom's who do and they also enjoy the perks that the monthly subscriptions add to their teaching.


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