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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adventure Time with The Eye Dancers - My Review

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Have you ever experienced something that was so crazy and hard to believe that you can’t tell anyone because you know they'll think you lost your mind? That’s exactly what happened to a young boy who was eager to start 7th grade in the book “The Eye Dancers.” Every time Mitchell goes to sleep he’s met by a small child that keeps trying to convince him to “go with her.” Knowing that he has no reason to be afraid of a little girl in his dreams but there’s something about these dreams that's more real then most and Mitchell isn't the only rising 7th grader that the mysterious little girl has found.

“The Eye Dancers” a such an adventurous book. I’ve been reading it with my daughters for the past few weeks and we are all fascinated by such a unique story. When a group of 7th graders get pulled into a “different time” by a little girl with “spinning eyes,” They find themselves in a town that is almost like their own but much different. Trying to figure out if their dreaming or really somewhere else, the boys find themselves on an adventure with voices in their heads and a mystery to solve. Who is this little girl and where is she?

The Eye Dancers is a great book that any child, who can read chapter books, are sure to enjoy. My daughters are too young to read such a long book by themselves so I read it to them. We all enjoyed the story and the adventure that we found ourselves on. I love how these boys, who didn’t know each other very well before the dreams, ended up becoming close friends and have a secret that no one else can explain or even begin to understand. I recommend The Eye Dancers to any reader who enjoys mystery and adventure, your child is sure to hang on every word.

To learn more about The Eye Dancers and it’s author:
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The Eye Dancers is available on Kindle for PC! I love being able to open up the laptop and let my daughters read or read an ebook to them! Those phone apps are too small for reading and I don’t have an ipad or anything similar. My tiny laptop is good enough for me!!

What do you read your ebooks on?

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