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Monday, October 21, 2013

Purple Ribbon Awareness Auction

On October 29th, beginning at 7:30pm EST, I'll be hosting an Awareness Auction for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It's being called the Purple Ribbon Awareness Auction and I've gotten some really great items from wonderful sponsors, that will be auctioned off for donations to be put toward helping victims of domestic violence. The Auction will be begin on October 29 and will continue on for 24-48 hours. The length depends on the turn out. Some of the items being auctioned off will be Jewelry, New Kids Toys, Hand-Made Purple Ribbon Art, Woman's Trench-Coat, plus more! All money raised during the auction will be donated to help Domestic Violence Services in Buncombe County, NC. Helpmate is a domestic violence help center and shelter located in Asheville NC and has been helping the victims of Buncombe County for over 30 years. They have sheltered and assisted many women and children who were being abused by a loved one. Helpmate is my chosen non-profit to help out this year. I personally know how hard it can be to get out of a troubling situation of that sort and that's the exact reason why I'm holding this auction - To do my part in helping to Stop Domestic Violence and Spread the much needed Awareness!

To get a sneak peak of what's to come during the Purple Ribbon Awareness Auction, I hope you will attend the Purple Ribbon Awareness Twitter Party on October 23 at 8pm EST. During the party, participants will get the chance to win a few small prizes to help stir up excitement for the auction. There will be trivia questions and possibly even a small scavenger hunt. I'll also be sharing tips and information about Domestic Violence as well as how and where you can find help if you ever happen to find yourself or a loved one in trouble. As mentioned, I myself am a Domestic Violence Survivor and know how the smallest amount abuse can cause lasting effects which has the ability change you, as a person, as well as the way you view life. During the Twitter Party I'll share a few details of my story and give some insights of what to expect during the Awareness Auction on 10/29. By attending the Party and Auction, you will not only be helping out and supporting a great cause but you can also do some early Holiday shopping as well! They'll be items for children as well as adults and Don't forget that ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HELPING TO STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Every dime :)

Strength comes in numbers and I am only 1!
If we all come together, learn our options, get to know ourselves and each other while standing strong together as ONE... We can spark a change! I'm not just talking about women and children being the victims... Men can be used and abused just as easily as women can, it just don't happen as often so it's less talked about.

Domestic Abuse is similar to being a huge purple elephant in the middle of a crowed room while no one is brave enough to ask questions! This year - these purple elephants are going to be heard!

Among the prizes available are: One-of-a-kind Hand-Made Awareness Art, A Children's Book, DVDs and more. 
keep up with all of the activities during the Twitter party, Follow the username @AutoFaerie and the hastag #PurpleRibbonAwareness

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