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Saturday, October 12, 2013

CTC Math Online Helped My Daughter Understand Math Better

Online tutoring is the next big thing in Kids Education! 

This Review is #Sponsored By EducentsCTC Math Online

A few weeks ago, my family got the amazing opportunity to try out a wonderful program called CTC Math, an online tutoring program for kids in elementary school up to High School. My daughters are in 1st and 2nd grade and I'm always looking for a new way to help them understand their schooling better. Loran struggles the most in Math so when she started CTC Math I was curious on how she would like the program.

We loaded up her grade level (2nd Grade) and she began. The lessons are easy to understand and when Loran ran into something that she didn't quiet understand, all we had to do was "rewind" the video to the part where she struggled and rewatch it! The tests are great when I want to see how well my girls are learning and what they may need more help with. They're easy to understand and enjoyable for kids. Not to mention the stats that I'm able to view at any time of her progress. I'm able to see what she's still struggling with and what she's great at! CTC Math has truly helped out my daughter in a subject that she just couldn't get the hang of. Now Loran can count money, tell time and so much more! We owe it all to CTC Math and couldn't be happier with the outstanding results. Jade enjoys the CTC Math lessons as well. When the teacher asks a question, she pauses the video and tells me what she believes the answer is, then she presses play and gets excited when she was right! I love seeing my daughters getting excited over learning! They can't get enough of online tutoring and neither can I!

If your child is struggling in Math, no matter what age they are, CTC Math can help. I guarantee that you'll see results in a short amount of time! This program is also wonderful for Home-school since you can keep an eye on your child's progress and give your children the extra push in math that you may not be able to give them through your normal teaching text books and work books.

Watch how Loran gets excited about knowing the answer while using CTC Math:

To view more video's of Loran and Jade aka The Dancing Diva's - Visit us on YouTube and find many kids reviews as well as video reviews of my own!

To learn more about CTC Math visit them online at
If you ask the Dancing Diva's from My Kind Of Introduction - We give CTC Math a big fat Absolutely Amazing Results!

You don't have to take my word for it... Many parents have tried out CTC Math and have LOTS to say! Read some of their testimonials to see what other are saying about this wonderful teaching program!


  1. They come up with everything nowadays! That is awesome, though. We're strongly thinking about homeschooling our daughter when she gets older. Math was also my weakest subject, so it's great to see a program like this that can help out even if I can't! lol

    1. They really do! Our options are pretty much endless these days. My daughters are not homeschooled but I try my best to have extra learning tools on hand to help when their schooling ain't sinking in :) CTC Math is great and I completely understand about struggling yourself, English was my weakest subject.... Without spell check, my writings would not be readable LOL

  2. I think this program is really good, I wish I had something like this when I was younger!!

  3. That's wonderful! I love that there are so many helpful resources out there!

    1. I agree! There are so many opportunities for kids these days, I wish they were around when I was a child!

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