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Sunday, October 6, 2013

California modified the Three Strikes Law & Domestic Violence Victims are Suffering!

California recently modified Proposition 36
also known as the Three Strikes Law

Learn more below about how these changes to the law have affected Domestic Violence Victims in California and if you agree with what the following petition stands for then please add your signature below and show your support for each and every Domestic Violence Victim that is suffering in this crazy world that we live in!
(I am not a resident of California nor have I ever visited the state. I'm supporting this petition in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the many victims that can't or don't know how to get the help that is available to them.)

Recently, California modified Proposition 36 or the Three Strikes law. Originally, the law stated that after committing three felonies a person could automatically be sentenced to a term of 25 years to life. Though a good law, it was flawed, in that it could treat small time felons as big time criminals. In order to make the Three Strikes law fair, legislators changed it so that a convicted felon could only get life in prison after committing three “serious or violent crimes.” The problem is that domestic violence is not on the list of serious or violent crimes. Sooo.... It's not okay to beat a stranger, but it is okay to beat your family!? 

Are you serious?

Review the Petition Below:

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