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Sunday, October 27, 2013

REVIEW: Nail Cones - The Polish Perfector!

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The Polish Perfector!

I don't know about you, but there are days when I have serious problems when it comes to painting my nails. It never fails, that atleast one finger ends up painted on and some days they all have a dot or more of bright fingernail polish that couldn't stay on my nail. So what do I do? What every woman does... Use my thumb nail and get off the extra polish and just hope that I don't mess up my other nails. 
While visiting one of my favorite facebook groups, I ran across an opportunity that had the possibility to solve my messy fingernail polish problem and I couldn't help myself but to try it out. They're called Nail Cones!

Nail Cones is a round sticker with a cut-out at the bottom to make the sticker look like a moon. A moon with an Ice Cream Cone design. Cindy, the creator or Nail Cones, was having the same troubles as me when it came to painting her nails and after noticing her daughters' nails looking similar to hers, she was determined to find a better solution then a Q-tip and finger nail polish remover. (I don't use that option often due to me removing some of the polish from my nails almost everytime I try!) After trying out a few different designs, Cindy finally found the perfect cut and sticker shape and started using her homemade creation herself. She ended up telling a few friends about her stickers and before she knew it, she had a business on her hands and came up with the name of Nail Cones!

Nail Cones come in 3 different size options on each sticker sheet so you can make sure each finger gets the best fit.
Once you decide your size:

  •  Place the sticker under your nail (Ice Cream Cone up) and wrap the 2 pointed edges around your nail to hide the skin and leave just your fingernail exposed. (Make sure it's tightly fitted and stuck down.)
  • Simply paint your nails using any polish that you desire.
  • Keep the cones on until your nails are dry.
  • Finally, slowly and carefully remove the Nail Cones and admire your salon style paint job!!

They really work!
I was extremely surprised at how neat my nails turned out once I finished! I only found a small amount of polish on my finger and that was only because one of my stickers wasn't stuck down good enough and I forgot to fix it before I started painting.

It's so easy that I'm going to show my daughters how to use them and see how their nails turn out. Loran and Jade are only 7 and 6 but since they've been stealing my nail polish for years, they've figured out how to keep MOST of the polish on their nails but the skin is sure to wear a bit of polish as well. I believe that Nail Cones are great and super easy so I see no reason why my little ones can't use them as well. (With mommy watching over of course.) These little Ice Cream Cone stickers are so convenient and nifty that they would make wonderful stocking stuffers for Tweens and Teens this Holiday season! I guarantee that girls of all ages would be, and will be, head over heels for Nail Cones. 

Each pack comes with 4 sticker sheets which totals to 60 Nail Cones for just $5.99! You'll be amazed at how simple it is to create your own salon perfect nails in just a matter of minutes!
Nail Cones - The Polish Perfector!

If you would like to purchase or learn more about Nail Cones visit them online at
You can also find Nail Cones on Facebook as well as Instagram!

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  1. These are really cute, and useful. I always mess up on like three and the rest are awesome. I would love to try out Nail Cones.

    1. It never fails, but Nail Cones work like a charm! :)

  2. I do what you mentioned - use your thumb nail and hope for the best! haha If I try to do the cotton swab and polish remover trick I always mess up my polish! Nail cones definitely would be a much better alternative to either!

    1. haha The fingernail trick works pretty good but Yes, Nail Cones works much better! Who would of thought of using stickers? I love it!


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