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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canadian Shoppers can Receive a FREE US Shipping Address for Online Shopping!

****Attention Canadian Readers****

Did you know that you can have your online purchases shipped to a US address?? Some business don't ship to Canada and sometimes it's simply just alot cheaper to ship to the US. I know your wondering "If I have my purchases sent to a free US shipping address, then how to I receive them?"

Ship2Blaine was created by a young married couple who allow Canadian shoppers to ship their online packages to their US address in Blaine, Washington and pick them up at the Blaine border ANY TIME - ANY DAY!!

Since Shawn and Chandra have family in Canada they're always receiving packages for family and friends so they decided, "Why not let others ship their packages as well??" The best thing is that it's FREE!! You are welcome to donate to their daughters' collage funds if you like but it's not mandatory!

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  1. Chandra and Shawn are really awesome people and definitely offer something special to Canadians that live near the border of Washington! I highly recommend using Ship2Blaine!


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