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Friday, November 1, 2013

An Educational Fall Freebie for the Kids - LIMITED TIME ONLY

What's better than a freebie....
How about an Educational Fall Freebie?!?!

For a limited time only, Educents is offering the Leaf Pile - A Sight Word Game for FREE!

Raking leaves is the first thing that my daughters start talking about when fall season comes around and it's a favorite activity for many children. (Of course jumping in the leaf piles are the best part!) With the Leaf Pile Sight Word Game, kids can "rake" sight words into their own piles while they are practicing reading them!

This engaging and fast-paced sight game will have your kids laughing with delight as they search for the “Friend Cards” to receive a bonus point and stay away from the “Wind Cards” which will blow all of their cards back to the leaf pile. All while learning Fry's first 100 words! 

Educational fun is super important so that children will grow to love learning and enjoy the whole concept of growing their brains!

The kit includes many ideas for different variations of how you can play the game. Each card is marked with a number so you will know if the word is in the first, second, third, or fourth set of 25 words. Not only does this help with cleaning and organizing but it also makes it easier to remember which words your child has mastered.

The Leaf Pile - A Sight Word Game is for children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade and can be used by Parents, Teachers and Home-school. Kids will love playing the game and will forget that their learning! My favorite kind of game!!

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