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Monday, November 4, 2013

Would You Use Toilet Paper With Your Baby? #LetsTalkBums with Cottonelle

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When you think of wiping a baby's bottom, what comes to mind?
Baby Wipes, of course!!
I couldn't imagine using anything else... Could you?

Now think about going to the bathroom yourself...
What do you use to wipe your hinny?
Say it out loud...
Come on...
It's Toilet Paper, right?

I know your probably thinking "Why is this crazy woman talking about the bathroom?" Well, I'm about to tell you....

We all use toilet paper in the bathroom and don't think twice about it. It's normal, it's what we're taught and it's what our parents were taught. As soon as we become "big kids" and can use the potty, we switch from having our bottom's cleaned with baby wipes to using toilet paper.

When my daughters were babies, I use to steal a few baby wipes and keep them in the bathroom and I always mentioned buying some to keep in there... but never did.
My point is...
We wouldn't use toilet paper when we change your baby's diaper... So why do we use it on ourselves? Why not use wipes as well?

Luck for us... Cottonelle has been asking some of those same questions and has a wonderful answer for us...

Cottonelle Wet Wipes - Baby Wipes for grown-ups!

Cottonelle has created a line of flushable wipes that are the perfect accessory for any bathroom. You don't know what clean feels like until you try them out for yourself.

I wasn't sure about it myself when I first heard of Cottonelle Wet Wipes but I should have been. (I did use to steal my daughters baby wipes...) I always thought that the "wetness" would be bothersome, I'm not sure why I thought it would "tag along" instead of drying, but I did and that thought kept me from purchasing my own "Grown-Up" Wipes.
I finally got the chance to try out Cottonelle Wet Wipes when I received an offer from CrowdTap and thought "Why not? It's worth a try, right?"
So I agreed and got surprisingly anxious while waiting on the package.
When it arrived, I found a new wipe dispenser with an unopened pack of wipes inside and 2 To-Go Packs of Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Wipes, as well as coupons! I couldn't wait to take the Cottonelle Challenge and test out my new "grown-up wipes."
I'll spare you the details and simply say:
"The Cottonelle Care Routine ROCKS!!!"

I haven't felt this clean since my girls were babies and their ages 6 and 7 now! And speaking of my daughters, having the Cottonelle wipes in the bathroom has helped me worry less about them as well. If your a parent then you know how it feels to wonder if your child is getting clean enough in the bathroom, or even getting clean at all. Kids get in a hurry sometimes and you never know what they may forget to do...
Now that we have Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes, everyone in my home has a clean bottom and THAT makes me happy. Noone can change my mind when it comes to using wipes in the bathroom and they wouldn't want to once they tried them out their selves! I would almost bet money it... But since I'm not a betting gal, You can just take my word for it.

I'll never go back to using strictly toilet paper again, I'm hooked on The Cottonelle Care Routine! 

Have you tried out Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Wipes yet?

If not, then what are you waiting for?
I see a refreshing and clean hinny in your future...
What do you see?
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  1. Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Wipes
    id try them when they are on sal e and i have a coupon----

  2. and anyways id never use toilet paper on a baby no


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