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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hand Made and Knitted is the way to go this Winter!

The weather is getting colder and what's better then warming up with something handmade and knitted?!

Aren't these the CUTEST little coffee koozies ever?!
Jennie, over at Knotty Knitting Knook, created these adorable little knit koozies and is offering a special price on them!  You'll score one of these for only $10 + FREE shipping - but, you can score 1/2 off your second kookie when you purchase on at regular price!  That's only $15 for 2 of these unique and adorable Knit Owl Coffee Koozies - just $7.50 each + FREE shipping!  Woohoo!  

Wouldn't these make for sweet gifts this season!?

Stop by the Knotty Knitting Knook Facebook Page or Instagram to order yours!

She also has homemade knit Santa hats for $20….

Handmade purse/doll Carry Along Cradle (doll included!) for $25….

And these amazing extra big infinity scarves for only $19 each!
Are you a Plus sized beauty? Don't worry, she makes these over-sized scarves to fit any figure! 

She can create you special items using your specifications and colors suggestions, and you'll receive an extremely unique, handmade gift that'll be a favorite for everyone this Christmas Season!

Head over to the
Knotty Knitting Knook Facebook Page
or Instagram to join in on the fun and check out her products!  

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