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Monday, November 4, 2013

Have Fun While Learning About Germs with GIANTmicrobes

Germs, Germs, Germs!

Most of us don't think about those tiny microbes that can make us sick, until it's too late and someone has caught a cold or the flu. How do we make sure that our kids wash their hands regularly? We can't watch over them 24/7, so how we make that lesson stick?

I've been asking myself those questions lately and I believe I've figured it out! The best way to learn is to make it fun, right? Like counting Cheerios's to learn math. So what if there was something that could teach kids about germs without it "going in one ear and out the other?" Would you try it? I searched the web to see if there was anything available that could help my daughters understand the importance of avoiding germs.... without the boring lesson... and guess what I found??

The Health Pack from Giant Microbes was created to teach kids everything there is to know about the cold and flu, including on how to prevent them! By using fun learning tools, like a Handwashing Kit with a Soap dispenser, kids will get excited about learning good habits. It also includes 2 plush toys that look like tiny microbres (alot bigger of course), Giant Microbes Stickers, Mirror Cling and a Common Cold Key Chain! Don't it sound great? The Health Pack from Giant Microbes is a wonderful and useful educational tool for not only parents but teachers as well. Not to mention that it would make an amusing gift for anyone with a sense of humor or a love for science!!

Did I mention that you can get The Giant Microbes Health Pack for 40% off at

 The sale only lasts for a Limited Time so you got to act fast!
Are you ready to learn about Germs?

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