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Friday, November 29, 2013

So where DID the crazy idea of Black Friday come from Anyways?

Today, hundreds of retail chains fought for our attention by offering massive sales on their merchandise. The media has labeled this day as Black Friday, referring to the Friday after Thanksgiving when stores traditionally offer huge discounts on popular items to get shoppers through their doors.

When you actually stop and think about it, using black to describe a massive shopping day goes against the history of other “black” days. Did you know that Black Friday originally referred to Sept 24, 1869, when the fall of a gold speculation plan brought the stock market down. Black Monday is known as “the most notorious day in financial history (Oct 19, 1987.)” There is also a Black Tuesday AND a Black Thursday! None of these days are what I would call "good days in History" you can leave your top hats, garter belts, & mimosas in the closet!

**So where DID the crazy idea of
Black Friday come from?**
Well.... Like so many other word conundrums, there isn’t a definitive answer!

But there are 2 possibilities that exist: -

-- In Philadelphia (where the sales originated), police started calling the retail event Black Friday because the amount of traffic that became a "black spot" during their festive holiday weekend.
-- The more popular answer has to do with the colors of ink accountants traditionally used for keeping track of profit and loss. A company “in the red” is recording loss, using red ink as the traditional color for noting negative finances. “In the black” means, of course... the exact opposite; the hope that Black Friday forces all bookkeepers to put away the red ink, and get out the black.

It's a pretty interesting story, don't you think? I found this Black Friday explanation on, and done a bit of rewording. I had no idea where the name Black Friday came from and I have to say.... I would of never guessed that it was born from cops and/or bookkeepers!! 

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? Did you get any GREAT DEALS?? Brag about them! You rock, and deserve to tell the world about all of the cash that you STILL HAVE!! :)

-- Lets get to Black Friday Chatting! --

I personally did not fight the crowds during Black Friday, One day I will be brave enough to go for it, but not this year.
What about you?!

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