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Friday, November 8, 2013

Albert's Perfect Pet - A Children's Book Review

#Sponsored by Donna Zappala

Every child asks for a pet atleast once throughout their childhood and it can be tough conversation when you go to explain why some animals may not be the best pet for your child. I ran across a children's book named "Albert's Perfect Pet" that's about just that... Finding the perfect pet in a store full of many different pets.

I met Donna Zappala, the author of "Albert's Perfect Pet", about a month ago and was quickly interested in her children books. I was overjoyed when she agreed to a review! My daughters love to read but they love to be read to even more, so that's what they got... The chance to sit down with their daddy and read a new book.

'Albert's Perfect Pet' is a wonderful children's book about a little boy who decides that he wants a pet of his own, just like his friend. His parents agree that he would be a great pet owner so off to the pet store they went. While at the pet store, Albert learns about the responsibilities of many different pets and finally finds the perfect one.

Loran and Jade couldn't get enough of the pets that were mentioned in the story. Loran kept saying "A lizard ain't the perfect pet, It gets 6 feet tall and wants to sit in your lap!" Jade simply decided that she wanted a fish (We've been talking about getting a few fish for a while now, but Albert has helped to amp up the desire :) Looks like we'll be heading to the pet store soon!!
(Maybe we'll do it for Christmas!!)

This book is great for helping kids understand the responsibilities of owning a pet and how each pet have different needs. 'Albert's Perfect Pet' is a wonderful book for children who are starting to ask for their own pet but don't completely understand what's expected from a new pet owner. Kids will learn about pet responsibilities as well as enjoy the story of Albert's trip to the pet store to choose his perfect pet.

'Albert's Perfect Pet' is available for purchase on Amazon!
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There is also an Albert's Perfect Pet T-Shirt available on Amazon too! I just happen to run across it while getting the book links and was surprised! It comes in many colors but I like the black one myself :)

If you would like to learn more about Donna Zappala:
visit her online Author's Blog!!

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and how many?? :)

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