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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tips for Making Traveling with Kids Easier & Fun

Making the best of a road trip with

“Are we there yet?”  the family road trip! Ipads, hand-held video games and all of those other tech-toys may have some-what silenced backseat conversations (except the fighting over the tech-toys!), but spending time together while in the car can be a wonderful opportunity for family to spend some time together as well as throw in some learning as well.
(I done a post on Learning on the Go a month or so back!)

Here are some tips from Little Passports that are sure to make the time fly by (or at least go by a bit faster):

  • Save your most recent Little Passports package (from Sam and Sofia) for your trip so your kids to learn and explore throughout the car ride.
  • Say goodbye to your handy little GPS! Take a step back in time and use an actual map! The day before your trip, buy a map (gas stations and truck stops always have maps). Show your intended route to your kids or take it a step further and photocopy the map! Hand the kids a highlighter so your kids can follow along – and maybe even let you know when you missed a turn. :)
  • Leave extra time in your travel schedule for pit stops – and if time allows, try and make short stops that include fun activities along the way. Everyone needs a bathroom break and some food, and if you happen to see a place near a playground or a neat attraction that's quick and exciting then it can be a wonderful experience for everyone! The kids can get fed as well as burn off some of that built up energy.
  • Reward for good travel behavior. -  Pick up some small toys, coloring books and activities at the local dollar store, before you hit the road. Every hour or so, let your child choose a surprise. You can even wrap up the toys for an added element of surprise.
For more travel ideas, take a look at a my past post about Learning On The Go. You'll find many ideas for sneaking in some learning on your next road trip.

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