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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are You Ready For the TruMoo Switcheroo?

#Sponsored by +BzzAgent & TruMoo

Every time we go to the grocery store, Milk is always at the top of our shopping list, no matter what. The funny thing is that I don't drink milk and my fiance rarely does either. So that leaves the girls, and between the two - Jade drinks the most. I often say that Jade has a milk addiction, and even though it's not as extreme as it was this time last year, she still drinks alot. I've asked  her doctor a couple times if too much milk could cause a problem and even though she said no, I still worry. Jade rarely drinks just plain regular milk - It's Strawberry Milk that's stolen her heart and Chocolate makes her just as happy.
So I decided to try something new...
Instead of buying regular milk, I picked up some TruMoo Flavored Milk instead. I figured it was worth a try and since it's still milk, it can't taste that much different than what she's use to.

Lucky for my daughters, it was near Halloween and TruMoo was trying out a new flavor - Vanilla and it was Orange! As soon as Jade and Loran saw the orange milk, they were begging for a glass. I've never seen two little girls drink milk so fast in my life! The half-gallon jug of TruMoo was gone in less than 24 hours and I never heard a single complaint!
(Since the orange vanilla milk got drank so quickly, I wasn't able to snap a photo but I got one of the chocolate!)

Why TruMoo?

With 8 essential nutrients, TruMoo milk is pure and healthy. You won't find any high fructose corn syrup and each jug is sweetened with just enough sugar to make it delicious! By adding pure cocoa and fresh strawberries, TruMoo is able to get away with leaving out artificial flavors and colors! What else can you ask for?

Surprisingly enough, we haven't tried the strawberry flavor of TruMoo yet, just Vanilla and Chocolate. I'm sure that a jug of Strawberry TruMoo will be added to the shopping cart on our next grocery run since we can no longer purchase the Vanilla! (I sure hope they decide to bring back the Vanilla flavor before next Halloween, it was a huge hit with my girls!) The chocolate milk is quickly running low as we speak... So I believe it's safe to say that my TruMoo Switcheroo was a success! The girls are happy so I'm happy and it can't get much better than that.

Did you get the chance to try out TruMoo Orange Vanilla before it disappeared?

Learn more about TruMoo Flavored Milk
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