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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sleep Problems Can = Health Problems

I would love to hear of everyones sleep problems or concerns or anything else you would like to add or share with me, so please leave your comments :0)

I have always had a problem with sleeping. I will wake up very sleepy and will hit snooze more than once every morning..... Don't everyone hit snooze every now and then? :0) Well all day long I will be in and out of extream sleepiness and then tiny burst of engery every now and then. I can't take naps when my body has had enough because I am a Momma! So I have to deal with it and overcome the tiredness. But once my daughters are in bed and Im finally able to lay down and get those much needed ZzZzZzZz's........ I can't goto sleep!!!!!!!!!!! It don't matter what time I lay down I can never goto sleep before 2am! Iv been like this since I was a child but never really thought to much of it because back then I wanted to be up so I could watch TV and be a kid :0) But now I would like to sleep alittle bit more. I really can't goto sleep as soon as I lay my kids down because thats when I finally get my quite time to blog and do what I gotta do with my Photography Ect. My main problem with my sleeping is that after I finally fall to sleep...... I have problems waking up! I can wake up and get my daughter ready for school and put her on the bus, I do hit snooze a couple times but if I know that I HAVE to get up then I will but my body never has enough engery to stay up so once I lay back down...... Thats when I won't wake back up. My fiance and my youngest daughter try waking me up all the time and they barly ever succed! It's a bit scary because everyone tells me that they have tried waking me up more than once and sometimes I even open my eyes and talk to them but I NEVER remember talking or even seeing them. All I remember is that i was sleeping. There are times that I will end up sleeping a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep but when I finally wake up, I wish that I would of only gotten about 5 hrs of sleep cuz I feel worse the more sleep I get. I truly don't understand my sleeping patterns but I wish I would just get over my weird fear of Doctors and go ask a Pro about my concerns!

I was watching Anderson yesterday and got a good bit of Sleeping Tips. Anderson even has a Sleeping Quiz on his website from Dr. Breus. It's called Dr. Breus' Behavioral Sleep Deprivation Assessment. I took the quiz and this is what it told me:


You answered yes 7 times: You are moderately sleep deprived.
You need to commit to getting at least an extra hour of sleep every night, and you need to look at the quality of your sleep, too. Things like caffeine and your sleep environment may be contributing to the quality of the sleep that you are getting, even if you are getting the amount of sleep you think you need. Good sleep hygiene, quality sleep products and the right sleep environment could really make a difference for you.

It's pretty helpful! Anderson's site has alot of very helpful information. I figured I would share it with everyone out in the blog world incase someone is struggling with sleep problems like me!! I hope this helps someone out there!!!! :0) I would love to hear of everyones sleep problems or concerns so please leave your comments :0)

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