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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seventh Generation ~ Lorax

Had anyone tried the Seventh Generation cleaning supplies?? I have been entering in a Lorax Seventh Generation Contest to win some of the Cleaning stuff but Iv never tried them yet. They are giving away Green Laundry Kits, it's a sweeptakes kinda thing that you Enter on their Facebook page. Im not one of those people that do everything in their life "Green", but if I can find what I looking for in a green product and if it don't cost an arm and a leg, then I'll get it. My only problem with Green Products is the price. It's so expensive!!! My family is no where near being rich, we barley make it from month to month! Im not excally sure what people concider poor these days but Im pretty sure that I probley fall into that group. Even though I hate to admit it.... but truthfully it's hard not to be poor and broke. So when Im broke or have just a little bit of money to spend on cleaning supplies, I always end up getting the store brand stuff because Name Brand and Green Products cost to much! So Im hoping that I atleast win a small Laundry Kit in this Sweepstakes!! LOL I would love to try out some new green protucts for free!!!!!
You can enter ONCE A DAY!
All you gotta do it "like" the *Seventh Generation FaceBook Page* (Dr. Seuss' Lorax is all over the page, it's cute) and then Enter your information in the form just One time.
Come back the next day and all you will have to do it click a ENTER NOW button and your done for the day. Come back EVERYDAY and enter to win the folowing Prizes:
*Weekly Prizes~> 1,000 winners will receive
green laundry kits

*First Prize~> 5 winners will receive
high-efficiency washer/dryer sets

*Grand Prize~> One winner will receive a trip for
4 to the Redwoods.

Click Here to Enter the Sweepstakes!

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