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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Crazy Camera Girl!!

I bet the people that were at BiLo's about 30 minutes ago think I'm some weird, crazy person!! haha 
Let me explain.... My daughter is a Milk addict and we were about outta milk, so we had to goto the store to buy some more. Well I took my camera with I always do (even tho my bf thinks I'm an idiot for bringing my camera everywhere....even inside the grocery store lol) Anyways!!! In BiLo's parking lot is some beautiful little purplish pinkish flowers growing in their flowerbeds around a tree. Well I wanted pictures of those flowers. So I walk my lil happy butt over there and knell in this flowerbed taking pictures of these tiny little flowers while my 2 daughters and my bf are standing pretty much in the middle of the rd watching me and waiting for me to get done! lol Well I got up and we went into the store. We walked around for a few minutes and once we got to the milk, I decided that I wanted to take a picture of all the jugs!! The look on my bf, Alans, face was sooo funny! It was like WTH?? haha I told him to just leave me alone and be happy that I am doing something that makes me happy and that I love :0) After a very frustrating check out thru the Self Check, due to the cashier at the main computer not paying attention to her screen, we made it outside to the car. After we got the food in the car I decided that I wanted more pictures of those tiny flowers. Not to mention that this time there were a couple of men standing right infront of the story talking and I could hear them saying "What is she doin!" HAHA! Those tiny flowers were not the end of my photo taking in BiLo's......... Before we left the parking lot I had Alan pull down to the bottm corner, where this beautiful flowering tree stood out against the bare branches of other trees. At that tree, I chased a bee thru the blooms! lol I wanted so bad to get a shot of that bee. Im not too sure if I got the shot or not cuz I havn't checked my photos but I sure hope I did. If i got it You can be sure that it will be posted in my Photography Blog!

Here's the Milk Shot haha!
Macro Photograph - Milk in Grocery Store

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