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Thursday, March 22, 2012

5yr old BreakDown!

I wanna know what our kids go thru at school that make them flip out and be in such bad moods when they get off that big yellow bus!! Almost everyday when my daughter gets home from school it don't take her long b4 she is flipping out, screaming, hurting her sister and just being plain mean! It drives me up the wall!! During a normal break down, she cries and screams while she is threathing to hit me or kick a tree. When she gets introuble for threathing me...she flips out again saying that I am mean for sending her to her room! Today she was so clumbsy and tired that she fell 3 times in less that 30 minutes! 2 of those times she slammed her head into concret! She cried a little bit and then ran back outside mad at me like it was my fault that she fell in the 1st place! She's a tough kid but very much a DRAMA QUEEN!In her brain she feels like it's her way or the highway! She had then nerve to look me in the eyes and say that Everything she asks for at school she gets so I have to give her everything she asks me for! I think NOT! She must not ask for much at school "if she gets everything she asks for!" A few minutes ago she was sitting in the drive way in brand new jeans lining some little pink clips all in a row. Atleast she's not gettin in trouble but in NEW JEANS? I give up! I knew having 2 kids less than a year apart was gonna be tough but WOW! These gurls fight more than any kids I know! And thats bad cuz i have 2 little brothers who fight alot lol! But I do have to say that my daughetrs would be lost without eachother and I would be lost without them! Yes, They may fight like hell and hurt eachother on a daily basis but they love eachother sooooo much! I have a She-Ra wannabe and a Drama Queen LOL What a family I have hahahahaha <3
What a mean mad face! haha :0)

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