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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Old School TV Shows and My Daughter

Alright, for some reason, my house has been fun of old school cartoons the past few days! My youngest daughetr is 4 yrs old and she's normally all about Strawberry ShortCake, Barbie, SkyDancers and Princess Movies but ever since we got Netflix her taste has simi changed a bit!
This morning we started it out with Strawberry ShortCake but now we have made it to Super Mario Bros Super Show!! hahahaha Almost all of last week we was on a He-Man and She-Ra kick! The funny thing is that Im 24 so Iv never watched Mario, She-Ra or He-Man until Ciara found them on the Wii! My fiance use to watch He-Man when he was a kid and I think my aunt use to watch She-Ra but now I watch it all!
Yesterday I was watching my daughters playing outside and I heard Ciara say "By the Power of GraySkull, I have the Power!!" After she ran around a few minutes as He-man, Ciara decided to stop and hold her stick sword in both hands and say "I am She-Ra" I love it! My daughters are the cutest but This Mario Bros show is soooo Cheezy that I can't help but laugh. I use to play the game ALL the time!! That's why Ciara put it on tv, She said....."Mommy, look it's your favorite game! It's a show!! Seee??" It was soo cute! Now she's standing at the front door holding on to the door knob (not sure why she's at the door lol) Not missing a beat of Mario and Luigi!

HAHAHA Garlic Ice Cream????
Mario really truly just said he wanted some Garlic Ice Cream!
On the real people part of The mario Bros had to be the funnies part that Iv seen is when Mario jumps outta the Steam Machine and is so tiny!
Well I thought we were still on Mario but now Zelda is on and now it's back to Mario!! WOW!!

It's like OLD SCHOOL has taken over my house, my Wii, and my Netflix!

Swing your arms from side to side, take a step!! haha

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