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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Camera and Me

Iv bounced thru alotta hobbies and intrests thru-out the years. Iv made childrens pillows, pocketbooks and bags outta thrift store clothes, even child craft aprons outta old jeans! Iv done scrapbooking...tried jewerly making (wasn't to good at that) I even tried makin clothing and without a sewing machine I am NO GOOD at that either! LOL! But put a camera in my hand and I will stay busy for hours! There is just something about capturing a moment in time, a smile or the first bloom of Spring. It brings joy to my soul that nothin else can! the smile of laughter on my daughter's face or the colorful sky when the sun rises.... I just can't help but capture! It's like a force pulling me to the shot. I can feel when something needs to be photographed and know when something or someone needs their story told. I can capture that story, that thought and moment. If im not able to take the shot that needs capturing.... it truly upsets me at times and it can take me a few minutes to get over not getting the photo. Without my camera, without being able to capture the joy of life in photos, I would be lost and not as happy as I am now!
My Camera makes me Blossom like the Sun makes a Flower Bloom!!

Writter By
Autumn Banks

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