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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Smelling like Bacon is NOT okay.... - Crazy Gifts Under $20

Don't go bacon my heart... I couldn't if I fried.Do you have a "Love for Bacon" or a "Bacon Obsession"?

Eating bacon everyday, and loving every bite, is perfectly normal these days.
But once you start smelling like bacon... Seek help immediately!!

Don't get me wrong, I love bacon just as much as the next guy. Come to think of it -- I'd take a pure bacon sandwich over a BLT any day!! But I can guarantee that you will NEVER catch me using bacon flavored lip balm, weird bacon scented spray or any other random bacon flavored/scented oddity!

People in America have been obsessing over bacon for many years (Since the year 1500 B.C. to be exact) and it seems like this meaty obsession is only getting worse by the day. Rumor has it that Americans eat over 18 pounds of bacon per year - 70% is eaten for Breakfast, 11% for Lunch, 17% for Supper and 2% is eaten as a Snack but that's only the beginning...

A survey conducted by Maple Leafs Food discovered that among the people surveyed:
43% would rather have bacon then sex
23% of men claim that bacon is their favorite fragrance
23% often wonder if "Does my partner love bacon more than me?"

The time has come that strickly eating this yummy strip of meat is no longer the only option for bacon lovers!
Bacon Lube and Massage Oil
Need some Bacon
Massaging Oil
& Lube?

Are you brave enough to try out some bacon flavored toothpaste with a side of bacon flavored floss? This is NO joke...... Just about everything you could possibly dream of is available in bacon flavor and honestly - I believe it's completely insane - Even those we all have that one friend who is crazy for bacon and wouldn't see a thing wrong with using some good ol' Bacon Soap and finishing off with a nice and meaty Bacon Shave........

- I couldn't believe what all I ran across that either Smelt like bacon, tasted like bacon or looked like bacon!! I had no idea that there was so much stuff available with a Bacon Flavor and/or the "bacon-look" - Would you buy any of them?
If so... Is the bacon craving your own or someone you know?

You can find all of the below items, plus so much more (bacon & non-bacon), by visiting 2 of my new favorite online retailers of Gag Gifts: and Both sites are packed full of unique, fun and quite interesting gag gifts for the whole family!
Bacon Wallet - More Bacon Products
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