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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Attention Parents: Enjoy A Reward of Savings for Parents Appreciation Day!

With the New Back to School season upon us, it seems like everything is all about the kids these days. Backpacks, School Supplies, New Shoes and of course we can't forget about their new fall wardrobe! The Fall Season tends to be a time where parents think little of themselves while pushing forward to make sure each child is Back to School ready. In honor of Parents Appreciation Day, All parents can shop at Crazy 8 online this Sunday and Monday ONLY and  enjoy your very own reward of savings of 18% off your next order! Not only can you full up those little closets with new school clothes, you can now save a bit of your hard earned cash for yourself as well!
Take advantage of it -- You deserve it!

Happy Parents Appreciation Day!!

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