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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My #TuesdayThoughts about #Honesty

Life hasn't been too easy for me throughout the past 9 months. I've been through quite a bit on my journey including many struggles and even a victory here and there...
I've learned life lessons and found out who's true and who's fake.
During this time, my brain has been on overdrive, so many questions, so many thoughts... So I figured - Why not share those thoughts with all of my readers!? Maybe some of you can relate or maybe even shine some light on a subject that I may be struggling with!?

Sounds like fun huh?

I've decided to share a small thought that I'm sure you all have thought about yourselves....

Enjoy my #TuesdayThought about #Honesty

"Honesty is one of the hardest things to find these days, and even harder to keep hold of."

What do you think about today's random thought?
Have you had someone close to you break your trust by not being honest about something they did or said?

Do you have something else you would like to share about Honesty?
I'd love to here your thoughts a d opinions as well as stories! Let's get petsonal, if your up for it... I'm up for it! Share a small thought or story about Honesty and I'll let you in on how I came about learning just how hard it really is to hold on to honesty these days.....

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