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Thursday, December 5, 2013

HOLIDAY REVIEW: Secret Santa Squirrels ebook - Learn Santa's Tricks to Delivering Thousands of TOYS in just One Night!

"Magic reindeer pop and Santa's little squirrel friends...."

Disclaimer: I received the following ebook complimentary from the author, in return for the honest thoughts and opinions of my daughters and I. No matter the case, I only recommend books and ebooks that I've personally read and believe my readers would be interested in them as well. Our opinions may differ from those of others.
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Secret Santa Squirrels
A Fun Rhyming Christmas Picture Book
By Hazel Nutt

Are your kids excited about Santa Claus this year? The Holiday Season is a time where everyone's happy and joyful as well as thankful and giving! The food's always delicious, family is everywhere and no child will allow the grown-ups to forget about PRESENTS under the Christmas Tree!! But everyone knows that the most exciting gifts of all are the ones delivered by magic, by a man with a beard.

But how DOES Santa deliver all of those presents, to thousands of kids around the world, and do it in just ONE NIGHT?

I bet you'd never believe me if I said that, Santa couldn't make that trip without a little bit of help from reindeer poo and some squirrel friends...

Atleast that's how Hazel Nutt* explains it in her funny new holiday ebook called: Secret Santa Squirrels.
(Learn more about Hazel Nutt at the end of review)

*The story describes how Santa makes that really LONG trip around the world each year, and his clever little trick that helps ensure that all presents quickly make it to the houses!*
I don't want to say too much because I would hate to ruin this cute holiday story for anyone! It'll have you giggling from the very start and even as a "grown-up," I couldn't wait to continue on and find out what else Santa does!

My daughters love the idea of squirrels helping Santa and I believe we may end up having to set out a couple nuts this year, beside Santa's plate. - Something else that my girls quickly realized was that that Hazel Nutt didn't just set out cookies for Santa, she left the Reindeer some carrots too... JUST LIKE WE DO, on Christmas Eve night!! (It's not often that we find others who leave those hard working animals a snack like we do. But they're the ones pulling the sleigh in the first place so they' have to get hungry and tired up there and need a snack like Santa does. Right?)

Find out exactly, how Santa delivers those extra special gifts - Especially for the GOOD little boys and girls!

This is such an adorable festive Holiday book that all kids will enjoy! My daughters, Jade and Loran, LOVE it!! We read the story together by taking turns with the pages and had alot of fun with the rhyming words. I really enjoyed the fact that it turns out that Secret Santa Squirrels is the at perfect level of reading for both girls - Since they're in 1st & 2nd (as well as Less than a year apart in age), their reading levels aren't too far apart from each other. Both, Loran and Jade read the the whole story with me and only needed help with a couple words!

Secret Santa Squirrels makes a wonderful bedtime story during the holidays! Kids'll be dreaming of Santa flying through the sky with his Naughty or Nice list while squirrels are busy below! 

Since almost everyone has either a computer, a tablet or a smartphone - even most of the kids - Ebooks are great gift ideas since they can be read and carried anywhere without all the worries, like a lost page. And since this IS a Holiday book, I recommend parents to always have Secret Santa Squirrels near by... You never know what kind of questions your little one may throw your way and us parents need to be prepared for anything!

You can find Secret Santa Squirrels on Amazon for just $2.99 for the ebook!
($8.99 for Paperback)

About the Author:
Hazel Nutt isn't your ordinary author but her stories are simply adorable. What sets her out from the crowd is that she'll forever be 2 and maybe the fact that Hazel's not only a squirrel lover but has been chatting with them since her baby days.
Visit to learn even more about Hazel Nutt and her New Holiday Book: Secret Santa Squirrels

Create Holiday Memories with me,
 Read Secret Santa Squirrels
with your kids!


  1. Oh how fun! It sounds like a fun story kids would really enjoy!

  2. It's adorable. We liked it alot!


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