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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Learn About & Celebrate Boxing Day with Little Passports! - Join us on a trip through the many Boxing Day Traditions around the World.

Today is Boxing Day!

You may not know this but the day after Christmas, December 26, is celebrated by Canadians and is similar to the Black Friday tradition that's held in the United States; but that's only the beginning.......

Join Little Passports and I on a trip across the World - through the many amazing Boxing Day Traditions!

While no one truly knows the exact origins of Boxing Day, one of the most popular traditions of this holiday began several hundred years ago in England. At this point in time, Boxing Day -- the day after Christmas -- was when the wealthy would bring gifts of food and/or other necessities to the homes of the people who worked for them. Many countries have continued this generous tradition of helping out those who are in need during the Holiday Season. Boxing Day around the world has changed throughout the years to include many other festivities and events as well:

In the Bahamas, they celebrate with a festival -- called Junkanoo -- dating back to the 16th or 17th century. On December 26th, the people of the Bahamas celebrate with a large and colorful parade throughout the streets where everyone wear amazing costumes, unbelieveable masks, and beautiful headdresses while they sing and dance as well as play music while they "take-over" the streets. In downtown Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, you can find a Junkanoo museum where visitors from far and wide can see a variety of breathtaking costumes that have been proudly worn during past festivals.

New Zealand also celebrates Boxing Day (December 26) but their celebration takes place during their summer weather. Taking full advantage of the nice weather, some New Zealanders choose to go swimming in the ocean, lakes and rivers. Others enjoy hiking and picnicking through the beautiful scenery of the trails. There are also those families who would rather stay home and relax after the Christmas celebrations. They may spend their day watching some cricket on TV while grilling up some delicious leftovers from Christmas dinner. Other families can be found at the Ellerslie Boxing Day Races, which are horse races that have been held on Boxing Day for over 150 years at the Auckland Racing Club.

Australia is another country who's Boxing Day traditions are centered around sports. On the day after Christmas, Australians have the option of watching the Boxing Day Test match, featuring Australia’s cricket team, or they can cheer on sailors who compete in the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race! Which is an event that I wouldn't mind to witness myself one day... since it's said to be one of the most hardest yacht races in the world. Starting in the harbor of Sydney (Australia’s largest city), the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race finishes in Hobart, the capital of the Australian island Tasmania.

Although Boxing Day is not celebrated in the United States - Sam, Sofia, and the Little Passports team will be honoring the tradition by helping those in need throughout their local communities.

Does your family do anything special to give back or "pay it forward" during the Holidays?

Do you help those in need who live within your community?

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