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Thursday, December 26, 2013

DIY Key Necklaces -- Create Unique Jewelry in a Matter if Minutes That Look AMAZING!

-- Create DIY Frugal Jewelry --
-- Create Amazing Key Necklaces --

Now that the Holiday's are just about over, how about creating something beautiful that you can not only wear but be proud of as well! Use your old un-used keys to make DIY Key Necklaces that'll amaze your friends and add the perfect addition to any outfit! This is also a good project to do with the kids, adult supervision is required due to the strength of glue that is needed.
Ring in the New Year with handmade jewelry that anyone and everyone would be proud to wear on a night on the town or a day out with the family!

-- DIY Key Necklaces --

  • Random Keys (Old House keys, Car keys, Skeleton Keys, etc.)
  • Fancy and/or Neat Embellishments
  • E-6000 glue (Or other strong glue of your choice)
  • Jump ring
  • Necklace chain of your choice (Old necklace chain or purchase from a roll)
  1. Start off your DIY Key Project by collecting needed items: Gather up some old keys. (Check in your junk drawer - House keys can be surprisingly pretty and neat looking, especially the older ones. Skeleton keys are my favorite and are naturally elegant, not to mention their amazing vintage look. Even car-keys can be fancied up with awesome embellishments.)
  2. Then it's time to collect your embellishments. Maybe a rhinestone chain or imitation chain. You can also order some "bling on a roll" or find an old rhinestone necklace that's missing a few stones or such and can be cut up and re-purposed. Other embellishments may include: old earrings (with the backs removed), vintage brooches, gem stones, jewels, buttons, scrapbook embellishments (can be found at your local craft store) and pretty much anything else that happens to catch your eye and spark your creative interest.
  3. Make sure to clean your keys before you begin - Take some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cloth and wipe down the surfaces of both - the keys and the embellishment(s). Doing so; helps remove grease and/or other residue that may prevent a good bond between the surface and glue.
  4. Fun Time.... Now your ready to start embellishing! -- As mentioned above: You can use any strong holding glue; E-6000 works wonderfully - it forms a really strong bond but doesn't set up immediately. Hot Glue will hold the item in place while the E-6000 sets in, or any other glue of your choice.
  5. Decorate the keys using your chosen embellishments. Continue until you're happy with the design(s) and look of your completed keys.
  6. Once the keys are decorated.... The real fun begins! -- Simply add a large jump ring (or small rings) to the keys and arrange them into different jewelry designs.

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