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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moving - Fun or Stressful?

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Almost 7 million people moved into a new home during 2010.... And my family made up 4 of those people!

I have to admit that even though I DO NOT like packing up the whole house and unpacking it just days later, but I do enjoy the feeling of being in a new home. It's very relaxing and fun for me to sit in the middle of my new living room, looking out the windows... taking in our surroundings and dreaming about new adventures. Even though that joy doesn't last very long, the adventures are simply ordinary and your neighbors are strangers, I love it! I'm a quiet girl when I first meet someone and if I'm your new neighbor (or your my newly moved in neighbor) I'll watch you from a distance for a bit before I feel comfortable enough to talk to you. My daughters watch the kids for a bit as well but no where near as long as I do. If my neighbors have kids and my daughters enjoy playing with them... It makes things easier for conversation, but if my neighbors don't have any children and don't come knocking on my door, there's a good chance that I won't be hanging out with them any time soon.
Back to the moving ordeal... Ever since my daughters were born, my fiance and I have moved atleast once a year except this past year, we've been in the same home for just over 2 years and personally... I'm ready for a change! Some people don't agree with our way of living and say that we are doing things all wrong but it makes us happy. I know many people who have been living in the same home for many many years (like my aunt) and that perfectly fine as well. I'm pretty sure that I could enjoy living in one home for a while as long as it has plenty of room for growth... which is almost ALWAYS our problem. Needing more space is the main reason that I get antsy and begin wanting to move. I've always been a "collector" (maybe a mild hoarder haha j/k) and things get cluttered, messy and crowed when you have 2 growing girls living sharing a room and my step-sons coming and going. It's tough! Maybe I need to take some tips from Martha Stewart!!

Picking my brain for my earliest memories... I believe that I moved 9 times as a child... Between the ages of 3 and 16 years old.
My fiance only remembers moving once as a child! (That's just a tiny example of how different Alan's childhood was compared to mine!)

How many times do you remember moving as a child?

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