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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reading with Sproutkin -- Our Review

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- Sproutkin Book Boxes
Subscription Plan

Do your kids like to read? Do you spend too much money on your child's favorite books, for them to be read once or twice and tossed in a corner or pilled up on book shelves until your child outgrows them? SproutKin has come up with a program that can solve our book struggles while still being able to give our children all of the books they can dream up while keeping the bookshelves uncluttered! 

What's Sproutkin?

Sproutkin is a subscription company where your child (ages 0-6)will receive a box each month with wonderful age appropriate books that you can keep until your ready to trade them in for more. You also receive a Sproutcard. (A Sproutcard describes the books as well as having questions to ask your child after finishing each book!) If your child finishes the books before the end of the month, you can return the box and receive another box of books for your child to enjoy! You can receive up to 2 Sproutkin boxes each month! If your child decides that they would like to keep one of the books, Simply return the others and our system will let us know that you kept the book and you will be charged 10% off retail price of the book. You receive educator approved books that your little ones will simply adore!
Oh and did I mention FREE SHIPPING?!

Let me explain......

My daughters received their Sproutkin box a few weeks ago and have been reading their books everyday! Our box theme is "Imagine That!" The characters in the books create their own world in which your child's whimsical imaginations can flourish!

Among the book titles include:
  • "Harold and the Purple Crayon"
  • "Silly Street"
  • "Zack's Alligator"
  • "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble"
  • "How to be a Supervillain"
  • "Where the Wild Things Are"
  • "I need my monster"
  • "Strega Nona's Magic Lessons"
  • "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"
  • "Father Bear Comes Home"
Jade's Sproutkin favorites are "Harold and the Purple Crayon" and "How to be a Supervillain" (How to be a Supervillain is written by a 15 year old kid!! I was very surprised to find out that this child has written other books as well!) While Loran's favorites were "Father Bear Comes Home" and "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". This Summer, Loran and Jade were given a goal to read a certain amount of books over their Summer Break while keeping a list of the books they read and on what day. If they met their goal and returned the list to school with them during the 1st week of the new school year,  The girls would get invited to a Dance Party at their school! Having the Sproutkin books on hand this past month, made things alot easier to convince Jade and Loran to read and fill up their book logs. They did end up completing their logs so Loran and Jade will get a one way ticket to the Dance Party that will be taken place sometime this Fall during school! I can't wait to hear all about their Reading Dance Party! :)

"Loran reading one of their Sproutkin Books to her sister."

On another note - Having grade level books on hand for my daughters to read has really helped us stay on track. I didn't want my girls to be behind when school started (School started on Aug 21) back so being able to read is a big step in the right direction! Sproutkin is a wonderful idea for parents who like to keep a tidy house as well as a wide selection of books for their children. Kids and parents will quickly fall in-love with Sproutkin!

Don't forget to check out the Sproukin website to learn more about their monthly Subscription Boxes and all they have to offer.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!!


  1. TOTALLY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea... I am totally looking into this for my kids. Thank you

  2. Oh wow! This is really neat! I will have to look into it more :) Thanks for the review!

  3. This is a fabulous subscription box idea! My girls would be so excited! P.S. We love Harold & The Purple Crayon!

    1. I've read Harold & The Purple Crayon more times than I can count! Both girls have checked that book out at not only their school library but the public one as well! LOL And to think it just happen to show up in our Sproutkin box! Loran and Jade were super excited!

  4. This whole new concept of a monthly box full of goodies for kids (be it toys, books, projects, etc) is just awesome, I want to subscribe to them all. I feel like the price is pretty reasonable, would just want to check the first few initial shipments to make sure I was getting my monies worth. Thanks for the review!

    1. I agree! These companies have made life alot easier for us as parents!

  5. Reading is magical and one of my most favorite things to do with my children.

    1. I agree! Me too! I love to see how much they've progressed since the last reading moment :)


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