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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Gladiators in Suits are back for Season 3 - Are you ready for more Scandal?

Starring Kerry Washington

A drama packed hit TV series on ABC where a group of lawyers team up and become gladiators in suits. They are fixers and will move mountains to fix the problems of their high profile clients. No cops needed. Olivia Pope calls the shots and makes everyone's life's better while trying to hold together her own life as well as the life's of her gladiators. Scandal has the plot of a lifetime and each episode draws you further in - where you can't take your eyes from the screen and the end has you begging for more! 

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Scandal has completed 2 Seasons which totals to 29 drama filled, jaw dropping episodes and Season 3 is said to drop on Thursday, October 3 at 10pm EST on ABC. (Just 3 days before my birthday! I can't wait) We've all fell in-love with the steamy love story between the "Best Fixer in Washington  and the "Leader of the Free World" and watched how they kept this monstrous secret under wraps, but what will happen when the whole world finds out who President Fitz's mistress really is? Did Olivia's father put a hit on her through his B613 guys?
Rumors are buzzing and we won't know what happened until the Series Premiere in October but from what I'm told, Pope and Associates will be working the case with guns loaded and are ready for their next client!

Are you excited for Scandal Season 3?

Watch the trailer below and tell me what you think!

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